Punk, Gothic and Street Fashion fans, who like these boots?

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  • I dont


    I think they look REALLY REALLY ugly

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  • Most Everyone Likes Them


    These are practical boots, good fitting, and whether used for workboots, or for an \'original skins\' look with cuffed jeans, they look fine. The taller ones look very Goth in black or green, and if one wants to wear the3m for a dressier look, they can be polished to a high shine.

  • Where to buy STEEL BOOTS on Birmingham?


    HI! I am now in Walsall. I want to know where I can buy a pair of boots Steel in the Birmingham´s area. Please,someone inform me,I Beg you!

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  • red n black


    I love the boots but I\'d love to see a pair with the black toe and trim on a red in 3 eye maybe one day just got my burgundys in today. Hooray.

  • good boots


    I got the boots for more than a month now and I realy enjoy them great boots.. to bad I did not by them earlyer! for sure I will by a new one in the near future!

  • how long i have to wait for delivery in Nottingham?

  • my favourite boots


    I love them! They feel as comfortable as a pair of slippers after break in even though they are really bad ass and heavy duty. While I am walking carelessly everything that happens to be in front of my steel toes or under my thick soles is destroyed and I couldn\'t even notice! Just make sure you get the correct size to avoid contact with the steel toe and remember to always lace them tightly. They are perfect all round, you can wear them for the whole day and they even look good for a night out. I will buy another pair for sure!

  • Awesome boots!

  • steel boots


    hello...how long I have to wait for delivery to Germany?? tnx