Frequently Asked Questions

1. I cannot find my size on the page?
We are currently out of stock in that size. Make pre-order by e-mail here.

2. I want to buy some model from catalogue in menu...
Send us e-mail and we will let you know how to buy models from catalogue in menu.

3. I do not see avaliable sizes on your page...
Click button "add to shopping cart" and you will see avaliable sizes in UK.

4. I did not receive ordered boots but some others...
You can send them back and wait for another one or ask your money back.

5. I did not get ordered boots in 20 business days...
Let us know and you will get your money back, if boots were lost or not delivered at all.

6. Is STEEL BOOTS only online seller?
No. STEEL BOOTS sell their products like wholeseller to many countries. (USA, EUROPE

7. Why I pay to CC Now and not directly to you?
We are confident in services of our US partner CC Now. More info: payment

8. I want to buy your products but I do not want to pay by credit card.
Send us e-mail with your order and e-mail address and we will find solution.